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Question is as follows: Do you support adopting and implementing the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples into territorial law and modern treaties? Answer: As a member of the 18th Assembly I made advancing land rights and self-government agreements a high priority of mine and I continually pressed our government to move … Read more


Questions are as follows: 1. The NWT is in second last place regarding Animal Protection Laws. Animal abuse and neglect continues throughout the Territory with few charges and even less convictions. How will you promote and work toward better animal rights in the Territory? Answer: I would like to see the NWT-SPCA and the GNWT … Read more

NWT Disabilities Council – Q&A

Thank you for reaching out with these questions and engaging your membership in the important decision of choosing the next group of MLAs’ to lead our Territory. I took some time with these questions and even had some conversations with friends and constituents. I have also had my own experience with hidden disabilities. I realize … Read more

City of Yellowknife – Q&A

Question: What is your position on the current funding formula for community governments? Answer: The GNWT’s approach to re-balancing funding, so far, has been to hold funding steady for small communities that are overfunded, while increasing funding over time to those that are underfunded, like Yellowknife. While this is an approach that will reduce the … Read more

Status of Women Council NWT – Q&A

Questions are as follows:  Q: Will you commit to identifying a Family Violence Strategy and Action Plan, to be developed by the Government of the Northwest Territories in collaboration with relevant partners and stakeholders, as a Priority of the 19th Legislative Assembly? Yes or No Answer: YES. Violence against intimate partners, ex-partners and family members … Read more

Canadian Paediatric Society Q&A

Dr. Wong, Thank you for reaching out with your questions and priorities. Organizations like yours are providing leadership during this election period by engaging your membership in the debate and discussion of these complex issues. On the first question about strengthening child and youth mental health and mental health care: ANSWER: Child and youth mental … Read more

College nordique Q&A

Q: If elected, will you support equitable funding and resources for post-secondary education institutions within the system, including Collège nordique, so that all partners can build the necessary capacity and formalize productive connections to each other to better serve students and employers in our communities? A: I have been and will continue to be very … Read more


Three (3) questions as follows:  1. Barren Ground Caribou: A number of factors are contributing to the decline of barren ground caribou populations across the north. One recovery action that could be championed by the GNWT is to approve a policy that protects caribou calving habitat from the negative impacts of human land use activities. … Read more

NWT Association of Communities – Q&A

The questions are as follows: 1. A $40 million shortfall still exists for community governments. What is your position on the funding formula for community governments and the significant shortfall not being addressed over the past five years? The GNWT’s approach to re-balancing funding, so far, has been to hold funding steady for small communities … Read more

Questions for NWT election candidates – Northern News Services

The questions are as follows: What is your position on the carbon tax and would you repeal it if the Liberal government is defeated in the federal election? I did not support the cabon tax. It’s not designed to change behavior and will have very little impact on mitigating climate change in the NWT. Northerners … Read more