I’m a proud northerner and I love our great territory!

I was born in Inuvik and I grew up in, and currently live in, the riding of Yellowknife North. I have a deep passion for our city and territory. I love volunteering and contributing to local festivals like the Long John Jamboree, Snowking Festival, Pride, Annual Beer Barge, Float Plane Fly-in, and the Old Town Ramble & Ride. Many local charities are also important to me. I support the NWT-SPCA, Canadian Cancer Society, Terry Fox Run, Habitat for Humanity and Skills Canada-NWT.

I have owned and operated two successful small businesses. I’ve been in public service for ten years as an elected representative on City Council and in the Legislative Assembly. I care greatly about the health and well-being of our territory. As your MLA for Yellowknife North, I want to take action and support initiatives that will return the NWT to the potential and prosperity that I remember growing up here.

I was raised by hard working parents who owned successful small businesses themselves. I have been a carpenter, have worked in the mines, have been in the sports and recreation industry, been a senior manager at the NWT Housing Corp and a Project Management Consultant. I understand what is important to hard working families. You, the residents of Yellowknife North are my top priority!

I am running to be your MLA for one reason, to build a healthy, sustainable and prosperous territory, where all NWT residents share in the benefits. I have the experience you can count on to make it happen.

I’m Cory Vanthuyne, and I am asking for your vote for a second term as MLA for Yellowknife North on October 1st!